At Dwyer Cattle Services we are able to assist you in moving your cattle no matter your needs. We specialize in both Commercial & Registered cattle, that are geared for both Show and Seedstock production. Our services include Complete Sale Management, Sale Consulting, Whole Herd Private Treaty Sales, as well as Catalog & Website design. Whether this is your first sale or your whole herd dispersal we can help you design a marketing campaign that will suit your individual needs.

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Group of First Calf Heifer Pairs For Sale Private Treaty - 20 First Calf Sim/Angus Pairs all cows and calves are solid black. Calves born from 2/15 till 3/20 all of the steers have been cut and all of the calves have been given Bovi-Shield Gold, 7-way Blackleg, Vitamins ADE, & Nasalgene vaccinations. Cows have all been given pre-breeding vaccinations and poured. Cows weighing 1075#, with all of the pairs tagged to match. Cattle are located in Roseville, IL. Please contact Bob Dwyer 309-337-1404 if you are interested in these females.

Bob Dwyer 309-337-1404
Nick Dwyer 309-337-6404
Email sales@dwyercattle.com
Address: 740 26th Street, Roseville, IL 61473
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